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Colonic Irrigation for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

By: Jo Johnson - Updated: 24 Sep 2012 | comments*Discuss
Colonic Irrigation Colon Large Bowel

Most people have heard of colonic irrigation and understand a little about it but many would agree that they don’t like the idea of it and would not participate. It has been found however to have therapeutic effects and may help relieve some of the symptoms of a variety of conditions.

What Is Colonic Irrigation?

The colon is the medical name for the large bowel that is located in the abdomen. The purpose of the colon is to carry out the last stages of digestion and form the type of excrement that we eliminate when we go to the toilet.

When we eat the stomach and small bowel process the food, removing all the nutrients it contains before it passes through the colon. The colon pushes the waste along through a process called peristalsis. In order for peristalsis to work the bowel is designed to be convoluted and has many grooves within. If the bowel becomes sluggish or the waste is not processed effectively it can collect in these grooves and can lay there for a long time making the bowel even more sluggish and less mobile. These toxins are not beneficial and can even cause health to suffer as vital biological energies are wasted trying to process and fight them which could otherwise be used elsewhere in the body.

Colonic irrigation, otherwise known as colonic hydrotherapy is a process that involves the bowel being flushed and cleansed using clear fluids. A trained professional administers the hydrotherapy by introducing a tube through the rectum. A medical device usually controls the flow of water that fully infuses the large bowel. The built up waste can then be ‘soaked’ off and removed when the bowel is emptied.

How Can This Therapy Help Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

Many people living with fibromyalgia also suffer from sluggish bowels or irritable bowel syndrome. This may occur as part of their condition but can also happen if they are taking pain killers, or do not eat very well because of their discomfort or are not actively mobile. Although there is no concrete medical evidence to suggest the colonic irrigation has any real benefits for sufferers, most of those who have had the treatment will admit that they feel a lot better after and will book a follow-up procedure for a later date.

Many fibromyalgia sufferers are tempted to eat comfort foods as they learn to deal with their condition which have no real nutritional value and can cause constipation, whilst some pain killers can be very constipating and are well known for this unpleasant side-effect.

It should also be recognised however, that the thought of having colonic irrigation is not for everyone and is you are feeling particularly stressed or your symptoms are quite acute or made worse by the thought of having the treatment, then it may not be for you. Indeed if you are feeling more stressed and anxious by considering the therapy then it is not for you and should not be pursued.

Where Do I Go For Treatment?

Colonic irrigation therapy must be booked privately. Many trained professionals now run extremely successful businesses and can be found by looking in the telephone book, performing an internet search or ringing a local health spa.

Always carry out some research on the therapist or clinic that is offering colonic irrigation and make sure they are fully trained.

Colonic irrigation is a form of hydrotherapy and has been found to be useful for relieving many bowel problems and fatigue. Some fibromyalgia sufferers report excellent improvements following the procedure, but it should be noted that it may not be suitable for everyone.

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